The Sedgefield Plan

The Sedgefield Plan is a project that is aiming to establish our community’s preferences for how existing land and infrastructure should be used to enable controlled growth and development of housing, amenities and other facilities in the future.

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We are delighted to confirm that The Sedgefield Plan was given overwhelming backing by residents at its community referendum held on Thursday 12th September 2019. Almost 93% of those who voted expressed their support for our Neighbourhood Plan for the parish and it will now become a statutory planning document that Durham County Council and other authorities must refer to when determining proposals in the area.

The Sedgefield Plan contains policies about land use until 2033, which will influence the quantity, type, density, design and style of future housing, along with community and sports facilities and open spaces, amenities for young people, and other matters relating to land use in the town. The plan also includes a Built-up Area Boundary (BUAB), which maps out where future development in Sedgefield should be allowed, with the policies setting out limitations on what will be permitted inside and outside that boundary.

We are grateful to everyone who was involved in researching, developing and drafting The Sedgefield Plan. Such a decisive vote in the referendum sends a strong message to both planning authorities and developers that people in Sedgefield are determined to have a say in decisions about land use here. Our plan sets out a clear and positive vision for Sedgefield and we will use the document to ensure that future developments reflect this community’s wishes.

Durham County Council formally adopted The Sedgefield Plan on 23rd October 2019. To view the Regulation 19 Decision Statement please click this button.

If you want to find out more about The Sedgefield Plan and its role in future decisions relating to planning in our community, email or visit the town council offices.

Content: Neighbourhood Area Designation, Sedgefield Housing Prices 2015/16 & 2018/19

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