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Housing plans for Sedgefield

The Housing topic area working group is one of four that was established by The Sedgefield Plan steering group. The other working groups are Infrastructure, Economy and Community and Environment. At present, this group consists of:

  • Morton Spalding – group leader
  • Julia Bowles
  • Gloria Wills
  • Janet Spalding
  • Chris Short
  • Leo Gormley
  • Malcolm Gray (Livin)

Anyone who lives in Sedgefield and who has an interest in contributing to this project is welcome to join the working group. Please get in touch.

Housing Group Leader Morton Spalding

I have lived in Sedgefield since 1966, although I did spend 20 years commuting to London, working in construction consulting, before retiring in 2007. Over the years, I become involved in several community projects, including the setting up of the Sedgefield Community Association, the renovation and development of Ceddesfeld Hall, replacement of the Scout Hall roof, building of the squash courts and, more recently, the upgrading of the Parish Hall. My aim in being part of the Sedgefield Plan team is to work towards limiting any negative impact of the Durham County Local Plan’s proposals on the parish of Sedgefield.
NB Mort formally stepped down form his role in the Steering Group in 2015

In its draft Local Plan, Durham County Council has made an allocation for 470 new homes to be developed on a site to the south of Eden Drive. Of all of the elements that The Sedgefield Plan will consider, the scale and nature of the housing are the most significant. The working group has met on several occasions and has had wide ranging discussions about the housing allocation and its implications for Sedgefield.

However, content that appears in The Sedgefield Plan in this area must reflect your views, so how will we achieve this?

Housing is one of the most important sections in The Sedgefield Plan and decisions made in this area will have a profound impact on the future of Sedgefield. We require as much involvement from residents as possible so anyone who feels that they can make a contribution will be welcome. If you feel you could contribute to this group, or have an issue that needs raising, discussing or including, get in touch.

We will use this section, along with other parts of this website, to provide updates on progress that is being made in developing content in this topic area.


During meetings and through research, the working group has started scoping out housing related issues, aims and areas of interest that need to be assessed and/or addressed through The Sedgefield Plan. These can be summarised as follows:

  1. Having looked through a lot of documentation in the draft County Durham Local Plan, it was concluded that it is very difficult to extract evidence based information that is useful to Sedgefield. It was proving problematic to find material we can use in our plan.
  2. An explanation of what is the aim of The Sedgefield Plan - is it to challenge aspects of the draft Local Plan while still complying with it and planning for the future for the next 20-30 years?
  3. What can a neighbourhood plan challenge under the government’s Localism Bill? What can we do regarding the view that the draft Local Plan is to be presented only with minor amendment?
  4. Is it the intention of The Sedgefield Plan to provide a blueprint of the town and its facilities to accommodate the community as it is, plus the provision of 470 homes and a further 300 caravans that have previously been given planning permission?
  5. Does this mean we need to work towards a position that states what would be required to accommodate the existing population of 4,500 plus possibly a minimum of 1,000 people from the 470 homes and a minimum of 750 people from 300 caravans?
  6. Also, does the 4,500 Sedgefield population include the people in the outlying areas covered by the Sedgefield parish boundary (if not do we have to include them and their needs)?
  7. If all the above is to be accommodated within The Sedgefield Plan, then do we need to show that the current schools, hospital and other practices (chemist, post office etc) would need increased capacity? Should we be planning for the future not the present?
  8. The need to have any planning applications for developments held until The Sedgefield Plan has been drafted and taken to a referendum – in particular, no plans should be approved outside the site south of Eden Drive.

From the initial meeting of the working group, a series of tasks were allocated to be carried out. These were as follows:-

  • Find out who owns the properties that comprise the site south of Eden Drive
  • Contact the Church Commissioners regarding their involvement
  • Review the cross boundary planning applications that would have impact on the proposals for Sedgefield
  • Gather the statutory and Census information on the demographics within Sedgefield
  • Review of key housing links in the Durham County Council (DCC) draft Local Plan.

Progress is being made in most areas. We have met with Northumbrian Water, received the census information from Livin, have detail of the developments adjacent to our parish border which indicate extensive building in, or planned for, Wynyard. We are still working to extract the information from the DCC proposals and to understand the whole process that has to be carried out to achieve a robust Neighbourhood Plan for Sedgefield.

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