The Sedgefield Plan

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The Sedgefield Plan

The Economy topic area working group is one of four that was established by The Sedgefield Plan steering group. The other working groups are Housing, Infrastructure, and Community and Environment. At present, this group consists of:

  • Jane Skilbeck
  • Phil Smith
  • Janet Todd
  • Chris Lines
  • Peter McDowell

Anyone who lives in the Sedgefield Neighbourhood Plan area and who has an interest in contributing to this project is welcome to join the working group. Please get in touch.

There is more to Sedgefield than meets the eye when it comes to the local economy and business. The general perception maybe that business in Sedgefield centres on the high street and the majority of people in work commute elsewhere to earn their living. While both of these are true, there is much more to Sedgefield when it comes to business and commerce and the local economy.

Although many people commute elsewhere to work, many others come into Sedgefield for their working day. There is also a diverse range of businesses, from professional services to manufacturing, and from retail to catering and hotels. In recent years, there has been the addition of NETPark, a high technology business park on the site of the old Winterton Hospital. Sedgefield also benefits from a traditional industrial estate with some significant businesses and now with the addition of Sainsbury’s; and of course we have a traditional farming community.

The daily commerce of the town has far reaching effects for our local economy and our infrastructure. Our food outlets tend to do well and our pubs have mixed fortunes; our transport links are good and we are well served by bus services, but fares aren’t cheap. There is also an impact on our doctors, dentists, post office and library, as well as our roads and hospitals.

And what of the future? There will be significant new housing in Sedgefield, which leads to some big questions. What kind of housing will those who work in the businesses of Sedgefield and those who live here but work elsewhere require? What facilities are there for the families of new and existing residents? How will future development impact on schools and nurseries? Will there be demand for increased retail outlets similar to Sainsbury’s?

The Economy working group will provide some comment on all of the above and to do this care has been taken to ensure there is representation from the key sectors of our residents and workforce including the high street, the industrial estate, agriculture and NETPark. The outcome will inform the policy makers who, in the case of The Sedgefield Plan, will have our community at heart as they negotiate their way through increasing demands on our local facilities and amenities.

Critically, the plan must represent your views, and as such we need people to get involved. The completion of the community survey is very important, as it will gather essential information to help understand your views on a number of infrastructure issues.

In addition, if you feel you could contribute to this group, or have an issue that needs raising, discussing or including, please get in touch.

We will use this section, along with other parts of this website, to provide updates on progress that is being made in developing content in this topic area.