The Sedgefield Plan

In developing The Sedgefield Plan, the steering group and topic area working groups are researching and considering a vast amount of material, from the Durham County Council draft Local Plan, to examples of Neighbourhood Plans in other parts of the country, and local planning related news stories and features in the regional and national media. This is an open process and in that spirit we will add to this section any public documents and articles that we are reviewing, that record the progress of our work, or that will form part of our own draft plan.

At every stage, our key objective is to deliver a robust, representative and comprehensive plan for Sedgefield, that will help shape the future of our community. In helping us to achieve that, we believe that it is important to take the time to research, read and learn from this wide array of sources. If there are documents or links that you believe should be added to the site, please get in touch.

Response to ESRG statement
A full repsonse to the ESRG statement from The Sedgefield Plan. Document Link
Sedgefield’s Iron Age History
A lot of residents have reported digging on the Eden Drive site and have speculated on its purpose. During a visit with the inspector of DCC’s Local Plan we had a chance to speak with the archaeologist on site and we are excited to report that Sedgefield’s recorded history can start in the Iron Ages 800 BC to 100 AD and perhaps even further back. It turns out that the exploratory dig has revealed and Iron age enclosure with a double ditch that was recut at some stage, a round house and contemporary pottery and Romano British pottery plus a flint arrowhead a hint of earlier occupation. Let’s hope there has to be a full investigation that we can use to educate our young people and perhaps the rest of us about our ancient heritage. Document Link
Sedgefield Plan Document Goes Live
The Sedgefield Plan draft version 5 goes live on the website. Please read and re-visit for more updates. Don't forget to support the Plan. Read Full Document
Press Release
The Sedgefield Plan responds to the threat of excessive housing development. The team behind the development of The Sedgefield Plan has responded to the latest planning application to build new homes in the town, recently submitted to Durham County Council (DCC). The application, made by North Yorkshire & South Durham Properties, seeks permission to construct 42 new homes in a field adjacent to Stockton Road, between the town centre and the junction with the A689. Sedgefield residents have until Tuesday 9 September to comment on the proposals on the DCC planning portal. So far, over two dozen separate submissions have been made by members of the general public, all of which object strongly to the proposals. Read Full Document
Sedgefield Town Council Further Statement
Sedgefield Town Council (ID Number 365785) Further Statement in response to the draft County Durham Plan, ahead of the Examination In Public: Read Full Document
Country Durham Plan (Fairhurst)
Country Durham Plan - Repsonse on behalf of Sedgefield Neighbourhood Planning Forum t othe Inspectors Matters, Issues and Questions dated 16th April 2014. Read Full Document
Indicative Proposals Map
Public meeting notes from 11th and 12th August
Format and notes from the Public meetings held in the Parish Hall. The meeting was called to inform the residents on the progress to date of The Sedgefield Plan. David Bowles and Morton Spalding presented the information to the public by means of a power point presentation under the following agenda headings:- The Sedgefield Plan – its purpose and impact, The context- The County Durham Plan / NPPF, Researched and evidence based, Conservation area assessment, current status and alternative views, The timetable, Proposed policies and content. To view - click here
Durham County Council Local Plan - Examination in Public - Timetable
DCC’s Local Plan is to be Examined in Public by Mr Harold Stephens, who has been appointed to the role by The Planning Inspectorate, he is assisted by Ms Jayne Knight. At the pre examination hearing on 31st July Mr Stephens told us of the process and procedures he would follow and discussed the timetable. The Examination will take place at Durham County Cricket ground at Chester le Street and will commence on 1st October 2014 and consists of three stages. To view - click here
The Sedgefield Plan - Built up Area Boundary
A detailed map of the proposed area plan. To view - click here
DCC Announcement re inspection of DCC Local Plan
The Inspector has confirmed that the Pre-Hearing Meeting will take place on Thursday, 31 July 2014 in the Riverside Suite at Durham County Cricket Club, Riverside, Chester-le-Street, DH3 3QR between 14:00pm and 17:00pm. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the management of the examination process, including the overall programme, how representations will be heard and the timetable for submission of supplementary statements. The Pre-Hearing Meeting invitation letters have now been uploaded. Guidance Notes from the Inspector, an Agenda and administrative arrangements for the meeting will be circulated and uploaded in the near future.
Submission of County Durham Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
I am writing to advise that on the 25th April 2014, the County Durham Plan and CIL draft charging schedule were submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination by the Planning Inspectorate. The Planning Inspectorate have advised that Harold Stephens BA MPhil DipTP MRTPI has been appointed to undertake an Independent Examination on the soundness of the County Durham Plan. For further information on the Examination in Public, please visit the following web page.
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Introduction and Announcement of Pre Hearing Meeting, Thursday 31 July 2014
The purpose of this letter is to make you aware that the Inspector will, in advance of the start of the Examination Hearings Programme, hold a Pre Hearing Meeting (PHM) to inform those who have made representation on the Plan of the process and administrative details for the forthcoming Examination in Public.
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Site Preference Survey - Result and analysis
Below are the results and analysis of the community’s votes on the Sites Preference Survey, in total we had 331 completed returns from the distribution to all of the houses in the community representing a 13.8% response. The analysis reveals that there is a strong preference for Brownfield sites and that the Beacon Lane site is the least favoured with some interesting results from the other sites. There are some strongly held views in the community regarding the selection of sites that were appended to the survey, for example:
  • ‘Brownfield sites should be the first option’
  • ‘I would prefer no greenfield sites to be used at all’
  • ‘Our preference is for small infill developments on brownfield sites’
The results and your opinions will be taken into account as we develop the draft plan which is well underway, thank you for taking the time to comment.

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Sedgefield – a community under siege
The team behind the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for Sedgefield responds to recent statements (and resulting media coverage) of developer ESRG’s proposals for building housing in the town.
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Tattenhall Neighbourhood Plan Judicial Review decision
Please see attached link to the Tattenhall judicial review decision, in brief the JR sought by developers Barret and Wimpey has been dismissed at the high court. The judgement sets an important precedent that could be important for Sedgefield so I urge you to read it.
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Community Infrastructure Levy Draft Charging Schedule
County Durham Community Infrastructure Levy Rationale and Draft Chart Charging Schedule. October 2013. The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a new charge which local authorities can apply to most types of new development in their area. The CIL ensures that most new development makes a proportionate and reasonable financial contribution to delivering the strategic infrastructure identified in the County Durham Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP).
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Advantage Sedgefield
ESRG, an investment business with interests in UK investment and infra-structure projects, is promoting proposals for community facilities and a range of new homes on two sites, located adjacent to Beacon Lane and Salters Lane respectively.
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Architect hopes to kick start projects
Ms Shepard is the fifth member of staff to Gradon in the last year, and will work on a housing and community development in Sedgefield.
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Development of the Eden Drive site
Attached, phasing for the development of the Eden Drive site, 1a is the Story Homes site for which planning application is in, in a discussion with DDBF/Smiths Gore it emerged that they anticipate the othe phases 1b, 2 and 3 to be developed over time at an average rate of ’30 houses per year’.
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Consultation over new homes plan
Plans to build 450 new homes and a retirement complex in County Durham will on display next month.
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Sedgefield residents get their say on plans for over 200 new homes
Residents in Sedgefield are being invited to have their say on a forward-thinking new development blueprint for the area that has the potential to create future jobs, build quality homes and deliver extra-care for older residents. A two-day public consultation event will be held at Sedgefield Racecourse in County Durham on Wednesday May 7 and Monday May 12, between 3pm – 8pm, giving people the chance to find out more about development plans being proposed to the east of the town.
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DCC Policy on Eden Drive
Spatial Policy Area Team Response.
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Sedgefield - Sites site map
Sedgefield Historical Synopsis
The small town of Sedgefield stands in sharp contrast to adjacent larger towns and former pit villages of the now extinct Durham coalfield. Still a predominantly rural area, agriculture and countryside pursuits remain very important. There has been human occupation here since Roman times. About 8-900 AD, a village was built upon marshy grasses, still visible in Hardwick Park. Hence the name.
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Basic Conditions’ - That must be met in the final draft document
Basic Conditions’ That must be met in the final draft document:
  • • must be appropriate having regard to national policy (NPPF)
  • • must contribute to the achievement of sustainable development
  • • must be in general conformity with the strategic policies in the development plan for the local area (DCC Local plan)
  • • must be compatible with human rights requirements
  • • must be compatible with EU obligations.

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Neighbourhood Planning Survey
The character of an area is important to residents and the perceived appeal of an environment relies on many factors. Over recent years the Government’s ‘Localism’ agenda has given people and communities the opportunity to have a direct say in the development of their local area. To implement this, local authorities and community are tasked with producing ‘Local Plans’ which will identify land for development, encourage positive community growth and alleviate the demand for housing and business development until 2030. Durham County Council’s Draft Local Plan, which is due to become a statutory document in autumn of 2014, has allocated 450-470 new homes within Sedgefield.
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