Mr Hopkinson

Mr Sam Grant , Big Tree Planning Ltd

We wish to make representations to the above document on behalf of Youngs Chartered Surveyors, who act on behalf of Mr I Hopkinson (trading as NY & SD Properties), who is in ownership of land at Stockton Road, Sedgefield (the ‘Site'). Enclosed is a 1:5000 scale plan indicating the extent of the land in Mr Hopkinson's ownership. It is considered that the Site is suitable for a residential scheme in the region of 46 dwellings.

Site Description. The Site is roughly triangular in shape, and extends to approximately 1.4 Hectares of agricultural land. The Site is bound by a trees, Beacon Lane and residential development to the north and west; trees and agricultural land to the east; and trees, Stockton Road and residential development to the south.

The Site is well related to existing built development, and is effectively contained by trees and roads to all of its boundaries. Development of the Site would represent infill between Beacon Lane and Stockton Road. A range of employment, retail, leisure and educational facilities are accessible from the Application Site by modes of transport other than the private car. Planning Policy The Site is allocated as Green Wedge under ‘saved' policy E4 of the adopted Sedgefield Borough Local Plan (October 1996). The Site has previously been submitted for consideration as a housing Site through the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (site ref: 7/SF/124), and the Council considered the Site to be suitable for housing but it was places in the 16+ years' time bracket due to policy constraints.

Due to the proposed allocation of several Green Belt sites for housing development within the Local Plan it is considered that ‘policy constraints' that previously prevented the Site from being brought forward in a more immediate timeframe are no longer present, and as such the site should be considered for a housing allocation within the Local Plan.