The Sedgefield Plan

In developing The Sedgefield Plan, the steering group and topic area working groups are researching and considering a vast amount of material, from the Durham County Council draft Local Plan, to examples of Neighbourhood Plans in other parts of the country, and local planning related news stories and features in the regional and national media. This is an open process and in that spirit we will add to this section any public documents and articles that we are reviewing, that record the progress of our work, or that will form part of our own draft plan.

At every stage, our key objective is to deliver a robust, representative and comprehensive plan for Sedgefield, that will help shape the future of our community. In helping us to achieve that, we believe that it is important to take the time to research, read and learn from this wide array of sources. If there are documents or links that you believe should be added to the site, please get in touch.

Sedgefield News Articles 2014
The Sedgefield Plan - General Documents
The Sedgefield Plan - General Documents and updates from 2014 and documents produced in 2015.
The Sedgefield Plan