The Sedgefield Plan

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The Sedgefield Plan

The Community and Environment topic area working group is one of four that was established by The Sedgefield Plan steering group. The other working groups are Housing, Infrastructure and Economy. At present, this group consists of:

  • Tony Guest – group leader
  • Sarah Guest
  • Ellen Guest
  • Phil Smith

Anyone who lives in Sedgefield and who has an interest in contributing to this project is welcome to join the working group. Please get in touch.

I moved to Sedgefield to become manager of Ferryhill Leisure Centre when it opened in 1982 and stayed in charge there for 15 years, during which time I also managed Spennymoor Leisure Centre and Shildon Sunnydale Leisure Centres for two and six years respectively. I went on to manage youth, arts, sports and administration services for Sedgefield Borough Council, before joining a buildings renovation company in 2006. In 2008, I started work for Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust, where I continue to work part-time. My wife Sarah and I have three sons, who were all brought up and educated in Sedgefield. We also now have one grandson. I was an active member of Sedgefield & District Round Table and currently volunteer to work on the bar at Ceddesfeld Hall. I am always amazed and impressed by the community spirit in Sedgefield and wish to see it continue for my children and grandchildren.

The development of 470 new homes in Sedgefield will have a major impact on the wider community, and will also bring with it environmental challenges and opportunities. Through The Sedgefield Plan, residents can influence future planning decisions that relate to these areas. We need your input to ensure that this content truly reflects the views of the people of Sedgefield.

As a starting point, you will see that the community survey contains a lot of content that is directly relevant to this topic area. Please complete the survey, as it will provide the baseline evidence that will inform content in The Sedgefield Plan.

Meanwhile, the working group has met to discuss the aspects that we believe must be covered in the draft of the plan, and we have begun the task of research and evidence gathering. Through The Sedgefield Plan, our objective is to ensure that the people of Sedgefield will have access to high quality community facilities, and that there will be ongoing maintenance and protection of open spaces.

However, content that appears in The Sedgefield Plan in this area must reflect your views, so how will we achieve this? We intend to host drop in community planning days where we hope to establish a real sense of participation and encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to participate and share their views.

The group has been tasked with establishing the current position, as best as possible, with regards to community, sport and educational activities, clubs, groups and organisations within Sedgefield. A list is being drawn up and it attempts to detail the name of the club/group, the main contact organiser, meeting place and meeting time of each activity. This list is by no means complete (and in some places may well be out of date), so the assistance of anyone who can help ‘fill in the blanks’ and provide information regarding community groups, will be gratefully accepted. If you think you can help, get in touch.

We will use this section, along with other parts of this website, to provide updates on progress that is being made in developing content in this topic area.


Every town has to develop and grow and we think it is very important that Sedgefield remains a great place to live, whatever age you are. Because of The Sedgefield Plan, everyone who lives in Sedgefield now has a very important opportunity to influence how the town and surrounding area develops between now and 2030. We need you to think about Sedgefield’s community, its schools, health services, traffic and parking, shops, houses, green spaces and sport and leisure services. Could things be better? Could changes spoil parts of Sedgefield for the people who live here?

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Sedgefield Historical Synopsis
The small town of Sedgefield stands in sharp contrast to adjacent larger towns and former pit villages of the now extinct Durham coalfield. Still a predominantly rural area, agriculture and countryside pursuits remain very important. There has been human occupation here since Roman times. About 8-900 AD, a village was built upon marshy grasses, still visible in Hardwick Park. Hence the name. Read Full Document