The Sedgefield Plan

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On behalf of the community, Sedgefield Town Council resolved that a Neighbourhood Plan should be developed for Sedgefield. The task of creating that plan, now known as The Sedgefield Plan, has been handed over to an independent steering group, made up of individuals from throughout the community, with many different backgrounds, interests, skills and points of view. The Sedgefield Plan will focus on four key topic areas - Housing, Infrastructure, Economy and Community Development and Environment.

A member of the steering group is leading the task of creating plan content for each topic area. However, The Sedgefield Plan belongs to the whole community and we need your help to make sure that it truly reflects the views of the people of Sedgefield. We welcome contributions from anyone who can offer expertise, experience or enthusiasm to the project, so please get in touch if you would like to get involved in any way.

Managing such a project is complex and time consuming and we have agreed a plan with tasks and milestones that will produce a draft plan in the spring of 2014 followed by ‘inspection’ (by DCC) and finally a referendum. If 51% of all those who vote in the referendum agree, The Sedgefield Plan will become a statutory document in late 2014 or early 2015.

This is an important project that gives us the opportunity for growth while at the same time retaining the scope and character of the community we live in. Importantly, we can secure a major influence on how development is done. Our process will start with a community survey that will be delivered to every home in Sedgefield during January 2014, and which can also be completed online. This survey will seek your views on the major issues that will be covered in The Sedgefield Plan and will establish a baseline on which to build it.

Please get involved and help shape the future of Sedgefield.

Chairman - David Bowles
“Sedgefield Town Council, in its role as Qualifying Body, formally took over responsibility for all activities relating to the neighbourhood plan in 2016”.


I have lived in Sedgefield since 1969 after 9 years in the Royal Air Force, Julia and I have raised and educated our family here and have both engaged in community activities over the years so the Sedgefield community is very important to both of us. Before retiring in 2006 I was an executive director of Flymo, Radio Tees, Northern Development Company and Northern Defence Industries. I also had non-executive roles in two NHS Trusts and a number of private companies. I now have time to pursue my interests which are my garden, history/archaeology, sailing and the grandchildren.
NB David formally stepped down from the role of the Steering Group in 2015”

The Sedgefield Plan is being developed by a steering group of volunteers, representing many parts of our community. The steering group meets together on a monthly basis, to discuss progress and issues, and agree next steps. The group is chaired by David Bowles and the vice chair is Morton Spalding. The monthly meetings are also attended by representatives from Durham County Council, as the principal planning authority responsible for development decisions in Sedgefield.

Four working groups have been set up to develop plan content for the four key topic areas that have been identified. Each working group is led by one member of the overall steering group, but also involves relevant individuals from the community who do not sit on the steering group. These working groups arrange their own meetings, details of which can be found on this website. If you want to attend a working group meeting, you will be very welcome. As members of this community, your involvement and contributions to The Sedgefield Plan are essential.

Housing - Mort Spalding

I have lived in Sedgefield since 1966, although I did spend 20 years commuting to London, working in construction consulting, before retiring in 2007. Over the years, I become involved in several community projects, including the setting up of the Sedgefield Community Association, the renovation and development of Ceddesfeld Hall, replacement of the Scout Hall roof, building of the squash courts and, more recently, the upgrading of the Parish Hall.

My aim in being part of the Sedgefield Plan team is to work towards limiting any negative impact of the Durham County Local Plan’s proposals on the parish of Sedgefield.
NB Mort formally stepped down form his role in the Steering Group in 2015

The Sedgefield Plan

I have lived in Sedgefield since 1996, but grew up in nearby Bishop Middleham. My family have all lived in Sedgefield all their lives. I have worked for Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council since moving to Sedgefield, primarily involved in economic development and regeneration projects, particularly relating to the area’s industrial base. However, over the last three years I have moved into the management and delivery of various school investment projects in the Borough.

The Sedgefield Plan

I have lived in Sedgefield since 1990, when my family put down roots here and our children attended the local schools. Initially, I worked at Wilton before transferring to Leeds, working in container freight. In 2000, I set up a container business based on Sedgefield Industrial Estate, which has grown to be a leader in the region, supplying shipping containers and derivatives nationally. The business is based in the Manor House in the centre of Sedgefield and employs 16 local staff.

Sedgefield is a fine place to live and work, and offers a great environment. It’s important that we keep it like that for future generations, by encouraging careful development and taking into account the businesses already here, as well as those that are likely to come.

The Sedgefield Plan

I moved to Sedgefield to become manager of Ferryhill Leisure Centre when it opened in 1982 and stayed in charge there for 15 years, during which time I also managed Spennymoor Leisure Centre and Shildon Sunnydale Leisure Centres for two and six years respectively. I went on to manage youth, arts, sports and administration services for Sedgefield Borough Council, before joining a buildings renovation company in 2006. In 2008, I started work for Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust, where I continue to work part-time. My wife Sarah and I have three sons, who were all brought up and educated in Sedgefield. We also now have one grandson. I was an active member of Sedgefield & District Round Table and currently volunteer to work on the bar at Ceddesfeld Hall. I am always amazed and impressed by the community spirit in Sedgefield and wish to see it continue for my children and grandchildren.